SID eTwinning project at our school


Any idea what SID and DBI stand for? Look through the text and find out.


SID is an annual event organised worldwide. As you can read at the official website “Safer Internet Day aims to raise awareness of emerging online issues and chooses a topic reflecting current concerns.”

This year our school has taken part in the national DBI (Dzień Bezpiecznego Internetu) and European SID, and we have done several things in connection with the celebrations at our school:

  • posters all over the school, both in Polish and some in English (you can see and read them on our school corridors)
  • class discussions during the lessons with class tutors and school counsellor (based on the poster materials)
  • a game of kahoot both in Polish (during the lessons with school counsellor) and in English (during language lessons)
  • the eTwinning project :)

Thank you a mixed group of IB, IIB, IID and II A students for participating in the project and preparing all the materials (II A did the biggest part of the job).

You can see the public mode of our project Twinspace

Feel encouraged to take part in some other projects and have the ‘real touch’ of a foreign language in practice.

Project co-ordinator Iwona Lis









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