22nd September, 9.00 am. Plac Pokoju in Lębork – a lot of hikers and cyclists  were waiting to set off to the Lake Lubowidz. The hike and rally were organised because of  the European Day Without Cars and European Mobility  Week . All the people gathered there were welcomed by Alicja Zajączkowska – the councillor of the Pomeranian Council and advisor of the Mayor of Lębork.

Tadeusz Krawczyk, a tour guide, was the chief of the hike. Adam Matuszek  from Lębork Cycling Society 'Lion' was the chief of the cycling rally.

Two teachers, Agnieszka Pobrucka and Beata Majko-Tutak were responsible for the students from LO1 Lębork, class 2d.

The weather was not exactly the best on that day, but judging by the photos, there was a lot fun for everyone, especially that there was a campfire and delicious sausages. Being together, walking together is a real pleasure and a fantastic experience. We had a chance to be close to the nature which made a great day without cars.

We do hope that next year there will be many more of happy people taking part in this event.

 The reporters: Agata Heyka 2d, Patrycja Dzik 2d , 

The English supervisor - Bogna Lomnitz










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